Projects I've worked on

Here's a small list of projects ordered from most complete and proud of to least complete and proud of while also being categorized.

Web projects

  • - A website listing projects and sessions for the meetballs community. The projects can be the script from the host of the session or a project that was worked on the meetup.
  • Doky CMS PHP - A laravel-based CMS that syncs with a git repository and serves the content of the repository. When first loaded, it will clone the repository and then pull the changes. The content will be written to the database and is available to be edited on the frontend by logged in users. It supports user authentication and role permissions. The database can be synced back to the git repository by a logged in admin. The main idea is to have a CMS that can be used by developers and non-developers. A fork is used in production for Auto Finesse Help Center, which at the time of writing has no public documentation and only has internal staff documentation.
  • This blog - This blog, you can learn a little about it in the about page.


  • Typo-eq - CLI application for training typing in other languages, designed to import xdxf dictionaries and use them for training. It supports profiles and has a simple interface. When finishing a session, it shows the statistics of the session.
  • Impulsive Player - A music player that plays music at seemingly random intervals simulating minecraft's music player. It can play .mp3, .flac, .ogg and .wav files.
  • Nebulang - Another scripting language, focused on input and vulkan graphics. The runtime is written in Rust and the language is transpiled into Nebulang Bytecode. I never completed the language, but I really liked the project and the syntax.


  • BattleShipGame - My final project for university, a battleship game written in Java. It has a GUI and is fully software-rendered. It includes the project report that I wrote for university and is probably the best piece of documentation I've ever written. It uses no external libraries for game loop, rendering, or input handling which are all written from scratch and detailed in the report.
  • BuildingFood - A ddr-like game where you press the arrow keys to add ingredients to the food, it was made for a game jam and is a fun little game. It includes a combo system.
  • Border Gods - A minecraft mod that slowly increases the world border size over time. It was made for a private server as a refresher for the players. Interacting with the world in different ways will increase the world border size faster or slower depending on the action. There is different gods that your actions can appease or displease which determine the speed of the world border growth.

Written on 2023-03-26